Young woman was just casually waterskiing, but when she looked down her heart skipped a beat

The Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez, is that long body of water that separates Baja California from the rest of Mexico. It boasts a wondrous array of marine life, including numerous whales and dolphins.

Dolphins are amazingly intelligent creatures. They have large brains that have structures otherwise found only in humans. It’s known that they can learn, teach, cooperate with others, play, plan, and even grieve. Scientists are also pretty confident that dolphins have self-awareness, something that’s always a sign of braininess. Dolphins are highly social and normally live in “pods” of about a dozen individuals, though the number varies from species to species. In locations with especially plentiful food, “superpods” can form, bringing together literally hundreds of dolphins. There’s one other way dolphin intelligence shines through: irrepressible curiosity. In the video posted below, you’ll see a superpod of curious dolphins!

A young woman was wakeboarding on the Sea of Cortez, enjoying a thoroughly beautiful day. But then things took a turn for the magical. A huge pod of dolphins suddenly turned up and started swimming closer and closer to her. The dolphins’ curiosity had obviously been piqued by this strange creature gliding across the water at such a high speed. It has to be said that she’s highly skilled at the art of wakeboarding: when the fist dolphin leaps out of the water in front of her, she manages to stay upright! Someone on the boat remarks that the video is going to be posted on YouTube. 21 million views later…

Encountering dolphins in the wild is an amazing, unforgettable experience. If you’re ever lucky enough to experience this, be sure to be on your best behavior. Some countries, including the United States, have strict laws regulating interaction with marine mammals.

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