You’re Not Going to Believe What They Had To Go Through To Save This Dog Lost On A Busy Road, Hair-Raising!

Uh oh, there’s a stray German shepherd near the medical clinic on Main Street. Let’s get Hope for Paws to send their best handlers out there.

It has to be a man and a woman. It’s like good cop and bad cop. An intelligent big dog like the German shepherd likes and trusts the human of either sex better. I mean, if the dog feels more comfortable around men, then the man will be the good cop and the woman the bad cop, and vice versa.

We’ve spotted the stray. He’s skinny but otherwise looks in okay shape. We can’t tell if this dog is more comfortable around men or women; in this encounter he clearly can’t stand the male handler because he said the dog smelled like a dead dog, to his face no less!

Therefore, the man would have to play the good cop and try to get the rope around the neck of the stray German shepherd, and forcefully drag him into a steel cage. The dog surely won’t like him after that. The woman or the good cop will have to slam the cage door shut as soon as the dog got in.

It’s a test of strength and quickness and dexterity. You won’t want to miss what goes down in this dramatic rescue. The background music is a symphony by Mozart. Why? Because the dog’s name is Mozart!

Mozart is a proud German shepherd dog with dignity. He does not yap like an annoying small dog. He’s available for adoption now. This video is brand new as of this Thanksgiving week, hot off the press like this article.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. How long do you think before somebody adopts Mozart? Vegas casinos have set the over/under at two-and-a-half weeks.

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