Zach Williams and Dolly Parton sing a graceful duet in Grammy wining song ‘There Was Jesus’

Zach Williams and Dolly Parton

‘There Was Jesus’ is Zach Williams’s recent song about his life journey and how he returned to God’s embrace after battling with years of addiction. Dolly Parton accompanies the beautiful piece.

The song recently won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song and has over twenty-five million views on YouTube, more than 243 thousand likes, and almost ten thousand comments.

Viewers have praised both country singers for their emotional performances. Dolly Parton’s voice as she sings, “There was Jesus,” can bring anyone to their knees. Her beloved country style is a beautiful addition to this.

Zach Williams and Dolly Parton

Zach Williams indicated that he wrote ‘There Was Jesus’ as he looked back on the last 20 years of his life. His musical career had many highs and lows that got heightened with his addictions.

After Williams finished writing the song with Cassey Beathard, and Jonathan Smith, he knew that he needed Dolly Parton’s vocals. Williams then took a chance and had his team contact hers.

Dolly Parton loved the song when she heard it, and the rest is history. In their song performance, they sing in a dimly lit barn to their backs to each other.

Their voices serve as narration as various scenes intermingle with their presence. The people seem to be having a hard time in their lives until they remember that there is Jesus.

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