4 reasons why everyone over 50 needs THIS tablet

Yesterday, I went to visit my oldest and closest friend, Mary, and we started reminiscing about family, old times, old recipes, and old hairstyles from when were kids.

Mary brought out an ancient photo album that was bursting at the seams with Kodak photographs and many fond memories. I bet you have an album (or two) just like it, don’t you?

Along came Mary’s grandson, little Mikey, who is just two-and-a-half years old and smart as a button. “Can I see, too?” With Grandma’s permission, Mikey very carefully picked up a loose photo from the album — and began swiping from left to right! He thought he could ‘swipe’ and see different pictures!

How times change… especially for the young and the old.  In the big scheme of things, it really wasn’t that long ago when we didn’t even have electricity — and now look at us with our paper-thin “tablet” computers and “smart” phones. Indeed, technology changes fast and it’s easy to get left behind…

THAT is why I chose an Amazon Fire Tablet. There are many reasons, but primarily FOUR:

REASON #1: You can’t beat the value. These tablets are quite powerful and honestly priced.

REASON #2: From personal experience, I can say this tablet is a great option if you are an avid reader of newspapers, books, and magazines. You will never hunger for news or knowledge.

REASON #3: These tablets are packed with entertainment value for all ages. With Amazon Prime you get instant access to MILLIONS (yes, “millions”) of FREE movies, TV shows, games, music albums and songs, plus tons of practical apps like Facebook and Skype.

REASON #4:  It’s by and from Amazon so you are covered by their money-back guarantee AND you are further protected by an on-going service and support warranty should anything happen to your tablet. Live support is a single “tap” away. If you get lost or need help with a feature, just click the “May Day” button and a REAL person is can guide you — right from your tablet screen.

I could give you more reasons why you should consider a Fire tablet, but those are the four big reasons. I tried to find a good video on YouTube that explains all of the features and benefits, but not surprisingly the best video came from a “home shopping” network. [Editor’s note:  This video below is provided for factual reference only. Madly Odd does not endorse third-party companies.]