A mother dog was desperate after all her babies were missing except one. Then, rescuers arrive…

Hopes For Paws is one of the rescue organizations that has made the biggest difference in many puppies’ lives. They have responded to hundreds of calls and have been instrumental in finding them forever homes where they can be raised with all the love and care that they deserve. They have been involved in the most dramatic rescues.

They are not the only organization that has been making a dent in the abandonment of dogs and the abuse they usually go through. I remember hearing about a dog who was rescued from a junkyard. Initially, people from the area thought that the dog lived there and that the employees who worked there were part of the dog’s loving family. Unfortunately, with each day that went by, it became clear that it was not the case.

The rescuers were called in and were taken to where the dog was. When they arrived, they tried to get close to the dog, but she would run away from them. When the dog finally let them approach, the rescuers saw that the dog had a very serious skin infection. The dog’s hair had started to fall and if her condition was not addressed, it would get even more serious.

Once the rescuers got her to the shelter, they gave her a checkup and a thorough bath. They discovered that the dog, who was named, Hope, had many soars on all her body. They gave her the proper medication and made sure to go and check up on her very often. The rescue staff mentioned that the factor that triggered her recovery was all the tender loving care she was given during her time there. They were also glad to report that she had found a loving home to call her own.

Hope For Paws was involved in another dramatic rescue. They were called and informed of a small dog that was living in a garbage bin with her puppies. She had given birth just a few weeks before. Some of the children from the area had taken almost all the puppies and had left the mother with only one. You can imagine the degree of desperation the mother should have felt after waking up to find several of her puppies missing.

The rescue team arrives at the site and finds her in the garbage bin with only one of her puppies. This mother dog has the most heartwarming reaction when she sees the rescue team is there to help her. You won’t want to miss this!