A pit bull was tied to a tree and left to die: she had 5 good reasons to live

Of all the dog breeds out there, pit bulls surely have the worst reputation. They’re assumed to be aggressive and dangerous, ticking canine time bombs primed to explode at any moment. In truth, any dog is only as mean as its owner. So if an urban tough trains a pit bull to be aggressive, then yes, that dog will be aggressive. But a pit bull with nice, responsible human parents will be a remarkably kind, big-hearted, and utterly loyal companion. As you’ll see, even a pit bull that’s been badly mistreated can still be a wonderful pet.

Lara the pit bull was abandoned outside Nafplio in southern Greece, not far from Athens. Not only did her owner leave her out in the back of beyond, but the poor dog was tied to a tree and left without any food or water. Worse still, people who lived nearby knew Lara was there but nobody wanted to get near a pit bull — such is the power of dog breed stereotypes. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Lara was also pregnant.

All alone and tied to a tree, Lara soon gave birth to five adorable little puppies. She somehow managed to take care of them for 10 agonizing days. That’s when someone finally called an animal welfare group. When the rescuers got there, they figured they were just going to be helping a frightened, malnourished, and dehydrated dog. So imagine their shock when they got closer and saw the puppies! Lara had done an amazing job caring for her little ones despite the horrendous circumstances. Unfortunately, one of the puppies didn’t make it, but the other four are now doing fine. As for Lara, she’s also doing well. She was initially wary of her new human mom, but after some time went by, the traumatized dog relaxed and settled into her new home very nicely.

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