15-Year-Old Puts Incredible Twist On “Happy” Song, the Results is Better Than the Original

Starting off the show was Mel B’s Golden Buzzer choice, 15-year-old Amanda Mena, who got a rousing ovation for her compelling performance of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

But what took everyone by surprise was how she sang it better than the original artist! In fact, a lot of people have jokingly said that Mr. Williams must be extremely jealous of what this teenager was able to accomplish with his own song. The judges concur:

“I just adore you,” Mel B said to her. “You are my Golden Buzzer. Well done. It was a very brave choice. I love you and you killed it.”

Heidi chimed in, “You seem so sophisticated for your age: your voice, your presence, and your confidence. To me, this was your best performance yet.”

Simon’s response was optimistic, but had a little shade, “What you want to do in life becomes a pop star. You have made a massive achievement getting to the semifinals. I think your performance was better. I like you. You are a sweet person. I think people will get behind you.”

Howie added his thoughts about Mena’s anti-bullying backstory and how she was able to rise above her bullies at school, “I think the bullying that was talked about in the package was what brought you to the level that you are at tonight.”


15-Year-Old Puts Incredible Twist On \