I Can’t Believe What This Dog Did When They Brought Their Newborn Baby Home For The First Time! WOW!

As you know, dogs and babies make a perfect pair. When a well-behaved and trained family dog realizes a new human has just joined the pack, they are more than willing to extend their love and protection.

So when the mom and dad in this video take their baby boy home for the first time, they wanted to film their dog’s reaction. And oh boy! We’re glad the whole thing was caught on tape.

When the young Golden Retriever hears the car pulling into the driveway, he runs up to the door in anticipation.

Not only is the dog super excited to see his owners, he can sense something has changed. So when the door opens, the dog can’t contain himself. He is overwhelmed by the new addition to the family.

Minutes later his excitement has not died down at all. He crawls over to the baby so he can really get a good sniff. He likes what he smells!

When they put the baby in the crib, the dog comes into the room in order to stand guard. He wants to make sure this baby is safe and sound.

But the best part of the video is at the very end.

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