Candy Land has been one of America’s favorite games for 70 years

Candy Land was one of the first board games for children, but it hasn’t lost its popularity and is still a beloved game today!

Many people don’t know that Candy Land was invented by a school teacher, Eleanor Abbott, in San Diego during the 1940s. She created the game during the polio pandemic, as the idea was that children could play the game inside a bed or a polio ward without moving.

Candy Land was the first board game of its kind, and because the local children loved it so much, Abbott presented the game to Milton Bradley, who introduced the game publicly in 1949.

The game was an immediate success, and parents around the country bought it to play at home with their children.

The main reason why Candy Land was so popular was that children of any age could play together. As there are no numbers or letters, but instead a color system to play, even kids who could not read could enjoy playing the game.

The characters and adventure style of the board game were also incredibly engaging and entertaining, even for older children.

To play Candy Land, players will pick a card, then move their piece to the color shown. They may end up on the peppermint pass train tracks, on the pass through the gummy hills, at a gingerbread house, and meet several fun characters along the way.

Some squares send you backward and forwards, and as the game is all luck, absolutely anyone can win by getting to the end of the track first!

Over the years, the players and the graphics have changed to adjust to the desires of kids of every decade, but the rules and basic aspects of the game have remained the same.

Because it is so easy and fun to play, Candy Land has remained in circulation for more than 70 years, and even though there are now hundreds of board games and online games for kids, Candy Land is still a family favorite!

Interestingly, in 1949 when the game was released, it only cost $1, but although the game now costs between $10-$15, it is still considered an affordable and great option for family fun.

In fact, these days, more than 1 million copies of Candy Land are sold every year. Which just goes to show that Candy Land is still one of the most popular board games available on the market today, and it doesn’t seem like it’s losing any steam!

If you played Candy Land as a kid, you should absolutely go out and grab another board and introduce it to your kids! Even with all the new games these days, this classic is still sure to bring a smile to their faces.

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Candy Land has been one of America’s favorite games for 70 years