Confused Dog Searches For Canine Behind Laptop Screen..Adorable!

This hilarious video really proved the bull dog was not the smartest tool in the shed, but he has to get brownie points for being just so darn adorable! I have to say, he won’t be topping the Mensa charts for sure, but with such innocence and utter cuteness, I don’t really care – he wins my heart hands down.

It can get quite confusing for dogs to hear other dogs in the room and even get to see them on the computer screen, but without the physical presence, they really get thrown off. Watch how this bulldog looks at the screen and then takes a look behind it, as if to search for the dog in the video. We know that it is a virtual world and the dog isn’t physically there but the poor bulldog has absolutely no clue.

Watch how he consistently looks to and behind the laptop screen. Bless his heart, he’s so precious. SHARE this video and do send in some positive vibes to the dog, maybe someday he’ll find that missing dog. Until then, he can keep searching – the effort is part of the fun, after all! Send in words of encouragement in the comments section below! Keep the dog happy, folks!

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