This Cop Forgot The Camera Was Rolling When He Did This, And I Can’t Stop Laughing

With all the recent news of the relationship between police and the public, sometimes it’s hard to remember that police officers are just like us. They’re human. They make mistakes just like we do and many of them have a great sense of humour that they might not get to show when they are on the job. But they’re also heroes that put their lives on the line to protect and serve the public. Sometimes though, they have to take a little break and have some fun. That’s what this police officer did when he “forgot” the camera on the dashboard of his patrol car recorded everything. Convenient, eh?

One police officer from the Dover Police Department in Dover, Delaware proved yesterday just how human he really is and now his hilarious moment is making news everywhere. He says he forgot the camera was recording, but nobody believes that, not even him. This is too good, too funny to be an accident.

In a video released by the Dover Police Department on their YouTube page, one very funny police officer is caught on his DashCam rocking out to none other than Taylor Swift’s enormous pop hit “Shake It Off.” I mean, let’s face it, it is a catchy tune even if you’re not a fan, and after you hear it one time, you can pretty much lip sync it. This officer has not only the words down, but the dance moves too. I suspect he has a young daughter at home…

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