They Were Dancing, But Don’t Take Your Eyes Off Of That Woman To The Left. What Does She Do? OMG!

Gary and Charlotte Chaney have danced as a couple all their lives together in many different types of dances. Even at this late age they were one of the featured dancing couples at a big event by Chicago’s Windy City Jitterbug Club. As the video begins they look super cute in matching black and glitters. They proceed to tear up the gymnasium floor dancing to Rhonda McDaniel’s “Me and Bobby McGee”. Wait a second! There is another woman dressed the same as Charlotte and she is walking towards the dancing couple.

Is this the ancient art of partner snatching? Something like the invasion of the body snatchers? Is the new woman aiming for the same or the opposite sex?

Lo and behold it’s something even more dramatic! She just glides right in and Gary now has both hands full spinning and grappling two women partners. More amazingly, none of the three misses a beat as the dance of the triple progresses to the delight of every in attendance. The third is Debbie Wheelis and she’s been practicing with the Chaney husband and wife. It’s a most remarkable thing! Such joy and pleasure can be seen in their faces.

Wow, this is coolness personified! It’d be hard-pressed for the other Windy City jitterbugs to follow up this act. The fact of the matter is there are many videos of these jitterbugging Chicagoans on the internet and a number of them have flat gone viral!