Step Inside the Dreamy 400 sq ft Tiny House with Arched Roof and 2 Bathrooms

One of the most appealing tiny houses you’ll ever see recently opened its doors for review. The couple who owns the home used to live in a 5,000-square-foot property in Florida. Would you be able to go from 5,000 square feet to just 400?

They were seeking freedom in their lives, so they downsized using a creative tiny home builder. The custom home was designed by Rob, the carpenter utilizing input from the couple.

Rob says, ““I’m able to express myself, and every feeling that I had, I poured into it.” The outside is wooden and dark brown, parked on wheels in the middle of the woods, completely off the grid.

The house is 10 feet by 40 feet, weighs 25,000 pounds, and stands 14 feet tall. It features a metal roof for longevity. There are also decorative plant shelves on the outside of the home.

One of the must-have items for the couple was a mud room. They didn’t want to just walk into the living area like many other tiny home layouts, so they added a mud room entrance.

It features a washer and dryer along with space for shoes and coats. The wife shares the tour of the bathroom and jokingly says, “The value of two bathrooms is to stay married.”

The tiny home even includes a man cave with a big screen T.V. for watching football. A spacious kitchen has custom cabinets, a fancy blue L.E.D. stream on a wooden counter, and a wooden arch in the ceiling, adding to the appealing space.

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Step Inside the Dreamy 400 sq ft Tiny House with Arched Roof and 2 Bathrooms