This Goldendoodle Looks Like A Normal Dog. But When You Learn What He Went Through, WOW!

Christmas, the Goldendoodle, fell into a deep well whilst searching for food. The dog was stuck down the well for a month before he was rescued. He only survived for as long as he did because the local kids were feeding him by throwing food down the hole.

It took to break rescuers working tirelessly to finally pull the dog out of the well. In the description of the video the upload writes, “Veteran rescuer Fahrudin Caki Bravo and his buddy Ratko Koblar drove hours to the scene when they heard about this dog whom nobody in the community had tried to save.”

When these men finally climbed out of the dark hole with Christmas everyone was amazed. The dog was in remarkably good health having spent a month at the bottom of the hole.

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