Guests Are On Their Way And The Christmas Menu Is Set, But Where Is Mom?

Christmas is right around the corner, sneaking its way up the calendar day by day. Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be in the rearview mirror and every room in the house will be filled with pine-scented candles, little snowman figurines lined up next to each other, and an electronic candle illuminating every window. Sugar cookies in the oven will bring that sweet buttery scent into the kitchen, waiting to be frosted with red and green. It’s a picture-perfect scene! Straight off of a Christmas card. All you’ll have to wait is for the weather to cooperate and drop a blanket of fresh snow over everything, and the joyful mood is complete.

Throughout the month of December, the fireplace continues to crackle and everyone’s feet stay nice and toasty while cozied up by the fire. Nothing seems out of place as the joyous season moves on, closer and closer to the big day. You’ve got your family’s gifts all wrapped up, hidden under the bed, and wonder where yours might be hiding. How exciting!

But this serene picture is nothing more than the calm before the storm. Haven’t you noticed that everyone’s a little bit too cheery? A little bit too relaxed? Maybe it’s the eggnog, but maybe, just maybe, there’s something on the brink of a breakdown.

On the big day, when the extended family is on their way to the house, Mom switches into high gear. Chris Fleming captures this moment hysterically.

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