Little girl wins the heart of people singing a 1959 classic.

There are talented persons that spend all their life trying to develop certain abilities, but sometimes geniuses are simply born. From the moment of their childhood, we can observe how some unique gifts are spontaneously showed in these persons; special attributes such as painting, dancing, and singing make them stand apart from the others.

When we see such natural skills gathered in one person, the only thing we can do is guide them throughout the learning process, encouraging them to practices in order to become a professional and share their gifts with the world. There is nothing more beautiful than doing what you love the most, and this story will make you believe it…

In 2014 a little girl became a trending topic on the internet; her sensational singing performances at a very young age draw the attention of many experts and won the heart of the crowd, defining her as a big promise in the show business. Her young appearance does not reflect the true nature of her powerful voice; this is the main reason why people get so impressed when she starts to sing. But who is she anyway? Her name is Angelina Jordan Astar, an eight years old girl born and raised in the city of Oslo – Norway.

With only 18 months of age Angelina’s parents started to show her Youtube videos of famous singers, such as Whitney Houston, Billie Holiday and many other jazz musicians. She immediately became obsessed with those celebrities and began to imitate them showing a natural appealing for the music. After a while, the parents of Angelina noticed how wonderful their daughter could sing, so they supported her and tried an audition for the show Norway’s Got Talent. The outcome of this event changed forever the life of this child.

She was only eight years old when she was introduced for the first time to the public’s opinion. On this contest, several competitors gather from all around the country and make a presentation of their unique talents, a group of judges and the audience decides which act is the most entertaining.

When it was the turn of little Angelina to sing the people started to hear a calm rhythm with a very developed vocal range, everybody was stunned by her performance. After she was finished the people was applauding and cheering due to her miraculous voice, she had won the heart of the judges and the final prize. Those amazing acts allowed her to become famous getting millions of views on Youtube and other social networks.

If you want to hear the 1959 classic “What a Difference a Day Makes” interpreted by the wonderful singer Angelina Jordan, just click play on the video below and enjoy the rest of the show.