3-year-old Pitbull refused to be adopted – look closer at the pic and see why

It’s not just with humans that our four-legged friends form unbreakable bonds with as this incredible story shows! Dogs often make lasting friendships with other dogs too, so much so that they can become inseparable.

While this can be utterly adorable – it can also pose something of a problem when it comes to re-homing the animals, and it can be heart-breaking to have to tear two companions apart.

Such was the situation with Merrill – a 3-year-old Pitbull and her best friend in the world, an 8-year-old Chihuahua called Taco. The two rescued dogs met for the first time at the Rocket Dog Rescue Center – an animal rescue service operating out of the San Francisco Bay Area. The two pooches quickly formed a strong bond and rarely left each other’s sides – in spite of the apparent age and size difference! Love knows no bounds!

Unfortunately, Merrill developed some health complications, and it was discovered she needed to go through life-saving surgery. Thankfully, she was to bounce back with a full recovery – but it was a long and slow process.

Throughout this time, her little friend refused to leave her side and was always there to help look after her, comforting her when things were looking bleak. It is a beautiful story of loyalty, dedication, and friendship!

But the pair weren’t out of the woods yet! Difficulties for their friendship arose again when a potential new home was found for Merill, and that’s when rescue center staff knew they had a problem on their hands!

Even when the two buddies were kept apart for a short space of time, they would let everyone know their displeasure and whine the place down! So, when someone came to fill out the paperwork to adopt the Pitbull, trouble began to brew!

The two animals cried continuously as they were separated, and it quickly became clear that parting them would cause much more harm than good. Animals – like humans – can become ill and even die of broken hearts, and in this situation, it was likely to cause the best buds health problems if they were apart for any length of time. As luck would have it, Merrill’s new family changed their minds – and adopted them BOTH!

Instead of one new family pet – they got two! Now they have twice as much love, and we can bet that Merrill and Taco will be eternally grateful that they get to spend the rest of their lives together! Don’t miss the beautiful story in the video below!

3-year-old Pitbull refused to be adopted – look closer at the pic and see why