Baby’s first crawl caught on cam, but it’s the dog that makes it a truly magical moment

If you’re really lucky, you’ve got someone in your life who’s always there for you. They’re reliably supportive, whether everything is going well or things have gone haywire (which, of course, is when you need them the most). They cheer-lead during good times and cheer you up during bad ones. Very often, that someone is a dog!

When parents bring a new baby home, a common concern is: how are the pets going to react? With cats, it’s a real roll of the dice. Cats are highly territorial and there’s no telling if they’re going to see the new human as an invader rather than a potential friend (and consider that cats have a low tolerance for even the most innocent tail pulling and ear tugging).

By contrast, dogs are more likely to accept the newest member of the “pack.” Now I speak in generalities because there are special cats out there. Frequently, a dog will take a protective attitude toward the tiny human and later delight in playing with them while also providing emotional support.

As you’ll see in the video posted below, a dog can even help with child development. A thoroughly adorable baby girl, dressed up in a stylish pink, was working on learning to crawl. It fits and starts at first but then she sees that her friend the dog is there watching. It’s as if the dog is saying “Okay! Come on! I know you can do it! That’s a girl! This worked with my puppies, too…”

The dog’s presence was apparently inspiring: the baby starts getting the hang of it and makes her way over. Once she’s gotten close enough, the proud pup gives her what may be the cutest doggy kiss ever.

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