Mamma Goose Is Guarding Her Nest Alone, Until This Friend Shows Up

Does anything make us feel more warm and fuzzy than two animals of different species befriending each other? I don’t think so. Human beings can always find a reason to fight or disagree with each other, but it seems animals think in a totally different way. Even if animals are different species, they can find any excuse to relate to each other and offer companionship, and I’m so glad people record these precious moments between them.

This next video shows a particularly unusual relationship between two very different species, but it seems to benefit both of them. The deer and the goose in the video below have a special friendship, and it is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time. It doesn’t matter that they can’t communicate with sounds or that they look completely different. They have so much fun when they play together.

Many studies show that geese are one of only a few truly monogamous animals in the world. Once they find a suitable mate, each takes on their role in the relationship until one of them dies, and this means the one surviving is all alone, which is kind of sad, but you will see a happy ending for these two. In this video, you’ll see a goose guarding her nest all alone until her little deer friend arrives to help and keep this guarding goose company.

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