Mom And Her Kids Hilariously Recreate Beastie Boys 90s Music Video

When a mom and her kids wanted to send a special greeting card to their friends, they decided to recreate the “Intergalactic” music video from the Beastie Boys. Donning the iconic white clean suits and yellow boots that the original musician’s wore, Mom Angela Young and her two kids made a musical message to remember.

Angela Young and her kids wanted to do something special for their friends and family. Anyone can send a greeting card, but Angela wanted to create something truly amazing, so she and her kids with the help of some friends, recreated the iconic Beastie Boys 90s music video for the song “Intergalactic.”

This hilarious trio of family members used locations from around Toronto, Canada as their backdrop. You can tell they had a lot of fun making the music video, from the moments they had playing in the snow, from their gamboling around the Toronto airport. I only wish my kid and I were this creative. I just send cookies.