All-American boy sings ‘Hello’ to find a girl on ‘America’s Got Talent’. This cutie won’t be single long!

This 20-year-old romantic leaves his heart on the stage in hopes of finding his very first girlfriend after his appearance on “America’s Got Talent”.

Small town boy Joseph O’Brien won hearts and minds of America when he took center stage with his smooth voice and keyboard skills. The 20-year-old singer/musician from Columbia, Tennessee chose Lionel Richie’s ever-popular “Hello” as his audition piece and in a nutshell, the guy got all four YESSES from the judges, but he did not get a “Golden Buzzer”.

Before O’Brien’s act began, we had the opportunity to learn more about the talented young man. Wearing a blue flannel shirt and jeans, he revealed he doesn’t have a girlfriend and he’s hoping this performance tonight will do something about that. He’s a romantic, obviously and he’s looking for the right girl.

When the judge and supermodel Heidi Klum asked who he came with because everyone has someone who is backstage waiting while they perform and giving us another view of things. Joseph explains he’s by himself. Obviously, he is a very independent guy, but Heidi was incredulous. The judge could not understand how or why! Of course, if you know Heidi, I think you also know that happens a lot to her. (I jest, but she’s wearing me out this season as you’ll see why.)

Now swooning, Heidi Klum won’t let the curly-haired cutie go! She inquires in earnest: Do you have girlfriend Have you ever dated? Have you ever “snogged” (that’s Brit/European for kissing — thankfully it’s just that! You learn something new every day. Haha.) Now if you’re rolling your eyes, you’re not the only one. Look at the judges. O’Brien maintains his professionalism and won even more fans over with each and every smile.

Finally, Joseph O’Brien begins his act and we will let you judge for yourself in the video below. It was a good audition, but not the best the panel had seen, however, we completely agree with Simon Cowell when he said the young man has potential, and its reassuring no one gave him the “X”. So we will be seeing more of Joseph O’Brien on “America’s Got Talent” in the future. When you watch his audition video below, I think you will agree it was a tremendous performance worthy of your attention, and amazing considering the instrument he’s playing. The piano/keyboard and singing combo always get my attention.

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Joseph O’Brien definitely has a future on upcoming episodes of “America’s Got Talent” and already has a strong faith-based following on social media. According to his Facebook page, his goal is to “to write music that is centered around Scripture and inspires a generation to stand up for Jesus Christ!” Side note: Music runs in Joseph’s family. He is the son of Michael O’Brien, former lead singer of the Christian band NewSong.

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Now get ready to watch Joseph perform Lionel Richie’s originally released in 1984 as the third single from his second solo album “Can’t Slow Down”. The song has the unique distinction of reached number one on three Billboard music charts: the pop chart (for two weeks), the adult contemporary (for 6 weeks), and the R&B chart (for 3 weeks, and ). The song also hit the UK Singles Chart and stayed there 6 weeks. Richie initially felt that the song was too “corny” but ultimately later readily confessed on a television interview, “by the time I finished the verse, I fell in love with the song again.”