He Needs To Leave For Work, But Wait Till You See What His Son Does! It Will Make Your Day!

Who wouldn’t love spending time with their loved ones? It would be awesome if we could spend all our days with them, but that is not practical, now is it? So whenever we get separated from our loved ones, we never fail to remind them how much they actually mean to us. Usually we do so by saying, “I love you,” but some people take it a step further. For example, take this little baby in the video below!

Dad needs to go out for work, but when you see how his baby boy sends him off, you are going to melt. The boundless love these two have for each other is extremely clear in this three-minute video. The way this little boy says his goodbye is heartwarming, but the way his dad responds to his farewell is the icing on the cake!
First daddy just wants a kiss and a hug goodbye, but that’s not enough for the little boy. He stands on the sidewalk yelling, “I love you, Daddy,” and waving to his dad who is in the truck. Of course, Daddy answers him every time.

This goes on for about two minutes, while mom and dad make sure the little boy stays well clear of the vehicle. Apparently, this happens every day when dad leaves for work and his little boy follows him, with mom of course, down the driveway to say goodbye.

Watch this adorable video below and don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments section!