When I Saw What This Woman Did To That Elephant, I Was SHOCKED Beyond Words! This Is UNREAL!

Music is proven to help in the wellbeing of one’s physical as well as mental health. It is said that animals enjoy music as much as humans. But I had no idea to what extent until now. I was shocked when I saw this woman put an elephant to sleep with a lullaby!

I was confused when I saw her swipe a towel at the big creature, but what happened next is simply indescribable! Lek, the caretaker at this elephant sanctuary in Thailand, sings a lullaby to Faa Mai, the elephant, with her beautiful voice. The mighty elephant had no power to resist and he drifts off to sleep!

Lek works at Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai, Thailand, and all of the elephants know her. She is particularly fond of Faa Mai, but all of the elephants love to hear her lullabies. She begins to sing and Faa Mai immediately lays down. The look in her eyes is one of love and desire to fall asleep. That’s how comfortable she is.

Lek gently smacks the elephants with a towel. It’s similar to the motion of their ears flapping when they try to cool off. It keeps flies off of them and feels nice, and I imagine it helps them to fall asleep. Elephants actually don’t sleep very much, but with Lek singing to them, it seems they are helpless to resist.

Watch this amazing video below! Isn’t Lek’s effect on the elephants incredible? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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