School girl saves a terrified cow lost in the woods for 3 months

Julia found a 3-month-old stray cow named Harold that had escaped from a local meat farm. She had received a picture from her boss of an adolescent cow standing in a field with two horses.

Although Harold would just stay in the field, he was very crafty. Julia would always find him standing deep behind the fences that allowed him to go wherever he wanted. The kind girl emailed a bunch of sanctuaries.

Tamerlaine Sanctuary told her that they could definitely help Harold. The easiest way to take him to the trailer was to take him to the barn and pull the trailer right up to the door. However, Harold was pretty skittish.

Julia would never get too close to him at first. But apparently, he had a sweet tooth for grain. So, she began working with him every day. She would leave a bucket and then walk away. While he ate, she would creep up a little and then pick up the bucket.

Then Julia would move farther in the barn’s direction. Harold would follow Julia because she carried the bucket. Slowly Harold got comfortable with it. Within a week, Julia could pet him, and soon he got to the barn, but he would not get into an enclosed space. The kind girl decided to make a secure pen for him. One afternoon, when she returned to the barn, he was lying there, and the gate was closed.

Soon Tamerlaine Sanctuary brought a bunch of volunteers. Everyone that helped at Julia’s barn came to help her. As soon as Harold was at the sanctuary, he ran toward the other cows. He blended in as soon as he got there.

He even got a new friend Dexter. Harold’s best friend had come to the sanctuary alone, but when he found the stray cow, she knew he was her friend. Both of them bonded instantly and loved and supported one another.

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School girl saves a terrified cow lost in the woods for 3 months