Some campers rescue a baby seal who was stranded on a beach and she thanked them one by one

Some of the most dramatic animal rescues had been the ones not with dogs or cats, but with other animals involved. When this happens, it usually takes a knowledgeable person to know what to do and how to get the animal to safety. One of the most dramatic rescues I saw was the one involving a baby elephant. A group of biologists was working around a clear area when they spotted the baby elephant.

The baby elephant was walking around a protected area with a large group of elephants when apparently, he got lost. The biologists worked with people from the large park to locate the baby elephant’s group. After a few hours, they found the group of elephants walking a few miles ahead. Their plan was to get the group to ‘find’ the baby elephant. If they couldn’t get them to find him, the baby elephant would be in danger.

At such an early age, the baby elephant could not only be the prey of larger predators like lions, but there were also poachers in the area that would be happy to find such an easy trophy. Taking the baby elephant to where the elephants could see him was also risky, not only for the baby elephant but for the rescuers themselves. It took about three tries for them to place the baby elephant on the right path. A couple of hours later, he was reunited with his mother.

Well, I just saw another rescue that is worth sharing. What makes this rescue so special is that it involved a baby seal. Some campers opted out for a day on the beach. They got their camping gear and headed for a day at the beach that promised a lot of excitement for them. They got to the beach and set up camp. They were having a fun time when they heard something that caught their attention.

A baby seal had gotten lost and was herself stranded on the beach. The campers looked for her mother in the area but couldn’t find her. The figured out that the baby would have a better chance if they were to get her to the ocean. So, the group wrapped her up in a towel and carried her to the ocean. Just when the campers were about to leave, the baby seal did something that filled everyone with delight.

She turned back and went to each one and let them pet her. It was as if she was thanking each one of them for having rescued her. This video will put a smile on your face and brighten your day. Feel free to share the love with your family and friends. They will be glad you did!