Super-cute Himalayan kitten wants milk, so she makes goat noises

Many of our furry friends have distinctive sounds they’ll make to tell us when they’re happy, angry, and, of course, hungry. Sometimes the sounds are mysterious, or at least not what we were expecting.

Although cats tend to be quiet, they are capable of making quite a few different sounds: meowing, mewing, growling, hissing, chirping, chattering, caterwauling, and purring. There’s some evidence that cats discover that if they make a sound that’s similar to a baby’s cry, it’s guaranteed to get their humans’ attention. Clever cats manipulate their voices until they find the version that’s just right!

The cat who’s sounding-off in the video posted below is a sweet little Himalayan kitten. It isn’t clear where the breed got its name. One possibility is the passing similarity between its color scheme and that of various animals that live near the Himalaya Mountains. In any case, this long-haired breed with a light coat except for dark fur on the face, ears, and paws is the result of breeding Persians and Siamese. That Siamese heritage really shines through in the characteristic Himalayan personality: intelligent, sociable, playful, good-natured, and vocal. They love affection, attention, and will form notably strong bonds with their favorite people. They’re wonderful pets as long as you don’t mind their need for plenty of brushing.

When this little furball is hungry she makes it abundantly clear. What isn’t clear is what exactly she’s trying to sound like. It’s a strange, if really cute, mix of a human baby’s cry and a goat bleat. Once she’s up on her human mom’s lap, it’s clear just how eager she is for a hit of milk. The kitten greedily reaches for the bottle before being given a chance to gulp as much down as she can, and then some!

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