Tabitha’s weekend with her grandparents spells trouble on ‘Bewitched’

Season 5 of ‘Bewitched’ features the classic episode ‘Tabitha’s Weekend.’ The Stephens insist that their grandchild Tabitha spend the weekend with them. To help avoid any magical issues, Samantha joins them, resulting in comedic events.

Samantha and Tabitha are greeted by her grandfather. Samantha quickly says it’s time for Tabitha’s nap, but Grandma says, ‘Um, milk and cookies first, her nap later. Why don’t you visit with Frank, Samantha? He’ll tell you all about his latest invention.’

Frank tells Samantha he will make a fortune with his latest invention, and Grandma takes Tabitha to the patio where there is a repeating bird. The bird talks, and Tabitha is shocked. She asks if the bird learned from grandma.

Then, the bird says, ‘I have a sick headache,’ repeating it over and over. Tabitha asks the bird questions, but it just repeats, ‘I have a sick headache.’ Tabitha says, ‘I wish you could talk better.’ She rubs her nose for magic, and the bird says, ‘Hello, Tabitha.’

She asks if it likes being a bird, and the bird says, ‘I could take it or leave it.’ Grandma sees them talking and has a worried expression. She turns the corner to go inside and yells for Frank. She tells him the bird is having a conversation with Tabitha and grandpa says, ‘Isn’t that why you taught the bird to talk?’

Then, Samantha runs out and asks Tabitha if she did a ‘No, no’ with the bird. She tells her to unwitch the bird. The grandparents walk out, and they talk to the bird to see what’s going on, and the bird just repeats what it said before.

Samantha takes Tabitha up for a nap, and grandpa tells grandma that she might need a nap too. The crowd laughs throughout the hysterical episode, and the secret is safe once more.

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Tabitha’s weekend with her grandparents spells trouble on ‘Bewitched’