This Sick And Abandon Kitten Was Apathetic, But When She Met This Dog Everything Changed!

Lilo the Siberian husky was never able to start her own family and now is too old. Her mum and dad adopted a tiny kitten named Rosie. As you will see in this video Lilo would have made an excellent mother. Her mothering skills took over as soon as she met Rosie and she cares for the little kitten as if you were her own flesh and blood.

When the family took Rosie in as a foster kitten she was in a pretty bad way. Her first night was the worst and she spent in the coming weeks lethargic and unresponsive. They are trying to keep Lilo and Rosie apart; for fear that the giant dog might scare the kitten.

But having tried everything else they decided to see if the two would make friends, and if that friendship would help Rosie. They had no idea that Lilo would enter full surrogate mother mode and care for this kitten in such a beautiful way.

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