Watch a 6-year-old boy read to shelter dogs, so they don’t feel lonely

Saving Carson Shelter Dogs is where the following story takes place and I am happy to see that this heartwarming story happened in one of the unlikeliest locations of all. A six-year-old boy who is struggling with autism is doing something incredible. He is taking time off his day to come and read to shelter dogs. That’s right! It’s one of the most adorable things that we have ever seen.

The reason that Jacob does this is simple: he does not want the animals to feel lonely at all. His aunt works at the rescue center and this is how he wishes to spend time during her shifts. He usually reads one of his favorite books to the dogs and as you can tell from the expression on them, especially on Pirate the pitbull, his efforts are very much appreciated by these special animals

Shelter dogs are quite different from pets at any house. They have no bonds with anyone there because they don’t know them. So, when people are willing to come and spend time with them, this makes their existence a much happier one. Despite Jacob’s disability, he loves to read, and he enjoys coming down to the shelter on “Therapy Thursdays” in order to share his love for reading with all the shelter dogs who enjoy his company.

These animals are very needy of human interaction as many of them have had unpleasant experiences with a human before. So, when someone is willing to spend time with them, this helps in their rehabilitation. They also need love and when they know there is someone who truly cares for them and is willing to take time out to come read to them, it means everything to them. Jacob does this and believes it will help them find a loving home soon.

If you want to find out more about Jacob’s awesome deeds, then make sure to check out this touching video. We live in a world where children are assumed to be too much into their own lives. They seem to only want to play video games or with their smartphone to worry about anything else around them. It is great to see that there’s a little boy who cares as much about animals that he is taking the initiative to give them some much-needed company.

Was this story at all touching to you? If it was, please take a moment to share it with your friends and loved ones as soon as you can. I am sure they will appreciate Jacob’s efforts and they may even be inspired to do some comforting for a few canines that might need it, too.