Watch the heartwarming video of the day: People rescuing animals

Rescue videos are the best medication to combat stress and sadness. Do you have a favorite one? I have seen a few that have stolen my heart over the years. One of them involves a mother horse and her baby foal. A group of rescuers received a call from some people who were concerned with a mother horse. She was lying on the ground and could not get up.

The rescuers went to see what they could do for her. When they arrived at the site, they saw the mother horse lying on the ground and not able to get up. The problem was that she had gotten one of her feet stuck to her own mane. She was not able to get her foot untangled and she had started to panic. Her baby foal had sensed this and did not want to leave her side.

The rescuers were concerned with the foal’s safety and their own as they didn’t know how the foal would react during the rescue process. The rescuers carefully cut the tangled part of the mother horse’s mane until her foot got untangled. The foal had remained there the entire time and behaved in a very calm manner. It is as if he knew that they had arrived there to help his mother. In the end, the mother horse could finally stand up and go with her baby.

Another one of these rescues involved a Koala bear! This event took place in Australia. A man was cooking lunch in his house when he heard some strange noises coming from his porch. He went to see what it was, he was not sure what it might be, maybe it was a snake. When he got to the porch he saw something that broke his heart.

A koala bear was on his porch completely covered in thorns. The little bear was obviously in pain and had gone to the man’s house to see if there could be a way the man could help. The man went inside his home for a pair of pliers and gloves. When he went out again, the bear was still on the porch. The man carefully took out the thorns one by one. He initially feared that the bear might react in an aggressive way but to his surprise, he stood there still until the man finished. When he did, the bear quietly left, and the man has seen him a few times since.

Well, the following video has not one video, but a compilation of ones. Get ready to get your heart stolen by these incredible displays of compassion and love. You don’t want to miss this!