Woman Meets Good Samaritan Who Found Her As Baby. I Wasn’t Ready For THIS Secret.

Abandoned children have a very tough time in life. Their self-worth has been damaged by this action and they often throw up walls to keep others out. Some people are so angry that they never seek out their birth parents – though some of those parents don’t want to be found anyway – and others embark on a search. That’s the case of this video about a woman named Janet, who was abandoned as a baby.

Janet did some research, even bringing in a genealogist, who tracked down two siblings that she didn’t even know she had – Dean and Julie. They met up and then set about tracking down the birth mother. After they found a first cousin on the mother’s side… they discovered who the birth mother was… JoAnn, the supposed “Guardian Angel” who ‘found’ Janet in a bag by a dumpster.

The term that sprang to mind for me was “Serial Abandoner.” I mean… abandoning one baby is one thing, but to do it two more times? She had five kids total – two from her brief marriage. It’d be interesting to see what happened to those two children too, if she has any contact with them. This is a situation that never should have happened. Yes, the kids were found and have turned out well, but it’s a shame.

Everybody has their own way of coping, and Janet, Dean, and Julie all decided to forgive JoAnn. That’s their decision. They could have been angry and shunned her. She kept this a secret from them for 30 years and she even met Janet once before and didn’t even say anything then. They are very big people for doing this. Here’s hoping that JoAnn doesn’t find another way to disappoint them in the future

Wow. I know that every family has some drama going on behind the scenes, but this is on a whole different level. What do you think about all this? Tell us in the comments section below!

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