Woman stands up talking loudly on cell phone, soon dozens of voices join her

We all know that shopping can be a chore, especially around Christmas time when the pressure of what to buy for family and friends for the festive seasons seems to be a never ending headache. So, you give yourself a break and sit down in the local shopping mall food hall for some lunch and a well-deserved rest.

Shopping is either a love or hate thing, there are no real gray areas here. There are people who see shopping as a therapeutic experience. Some experts have even validated that the act of shopping, paying for something releases endorphins (those little chemicals that make us feel good), and make you feel more relaxed. This is why people feel a lot better when going shopping for something for themselves.

The shopping experience is different for many people. For me, it’s al about going there, no rush, getting what I want, when I want it, and getting out of there. I am not a bug fan of crowds, either. So, having shopped for a while, you sit down and get yourself your favorite beverage.

There you are minding your own business, just relaxing, probably for the first time that day. The young lady sitting on the next table seems to be innocently talking to someone on her cell phone when she stands up and starts to sing. Her voice fills the food hall with its resonance, then before you know it, two tables down a young man stands on a chair and joins her in song. Their harmonies take everyone enjoying their lunch breaks by surprise.

These two are part of a group of singers from the Pennsylvania All-State Chorus, who had decided to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to all they could. Their choice of music wasn’t a traditional Christmas carol, but the classic Handel’s “Messiah” As the chorus of “Hallelujah” starts to fill the hall, more and more people join in on the incredible impromptu performance.

The Seaway Mall, near Niagara Falls, came alive to the beautiful harmonies of this very talented group of performers. Those who witnessed this amazing event couldn’t take the grins off of their faces as the entire shopping mall came alive with Christmas joy.

There was a sea of smiling faces, some people had their cell phones out recording this special occasion, and it was all caught on camera for the rest of the world to enjoy.

If at Christmas time you are feeling a little down, and are having trouble getting into the spirit of the season, click on the link below, I can guarantee it will leave you with a heartwarming feeling that will be sure to bring back the Christmas spirit in all of us.