Stubborn ‘X Factor’ Contestant Can’t Take No For An Answer

Stubborn ‘X Factor’ Contestant OG2
“In this video, prospective X Factor UK contestants stick around after being rejected during their auditions as if thinking the judges will admire their persistence and send them to the next round.

In many of the scenes, you can tell from watching each judge’s facial expression that the person singing will not be winning the audition. Judges have trained and experienced ears, and they can tell who should and should not compete with other contestants.

In the first clip, a female singer named Harry wows the judges and heads into the waiting area, sharing with friends and family that she successfully auditioned and will be heading to the next round. A few moments later, though, three of Harry’s friends head for the judge’s table.

Stubborn ‘X Factor’ Contestant OG3

These women are the other members of Eskimo Blonde, a singing group that Harry previously auditioned with. The audition does not go well, with Simon telling the ladies that, without Harry, they have no attention-getting lead singer and nothing to make them pop.

Although videos like this are often for laughs, it is hard to watch the group’s reaction after Louis Walsh is the only judge to say yes. The women practically beg Sharon Osbourne, and it is not hard to imagine that one or more of the group members were in tears after filming.

After Simon and Louis leave, to enjoy coffee and tea in the lounge, Sharon is left trying to get the women to go. They are stubborn, continuing to make promises about how they will not let the judges down. But Sharon points out that the competition is too stiff, and the standards too high so that the three women would only have their hearts broken if they were allowed to go forward. In the end, security personnel have to escort the would-be contestants out of the audition room.

The next performer is Michael Lewis, also a returnee from the previous season. Louis Walsh recognizes Lewis, so he must have made some impression. It is easy to believe, during the introduction and banter that Lewis will succeed in following his dreams this time. Most people appreciate a second chance story.

Unfortunately, this does not happen. Lewis launches into a song complete with dance moves that do not impress the judges. The steps are rehearsed but do not appear to be professionally choreographed. Lewis’s voice, like so many ‘X Factor’ also-rans, is adequate but not unique or dazzling.

Members of the audience can be seen applauding and laughing, but from their body language, it appears they are laughing at Lewis, not with him. The audition is a failure, with none of the judges saying yes and several of them taking Lewis to the task.

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Defending himself, Lewis, unfortunately, begins babbling and antagonizing the judges, probably not realizing he is doing so. This must be how Lewis deals with rejection. He does appear to be nervous, talking faster than usual as he insists he is an artist and a performer.

None of the judges are buying it, even after Lewis throws himself down on stage and refuses to leave. After he finally does, the judges are all dumbfounded at Lewis’s refusal to listen to their honest critiques and reasons for passing on him.

These are just the first two performers in the 17-minute video. It is worth watching, not out of morbid fascination but to see how different people react to being told no. There are tantrums and emotional breakdowns, humorous bits, and scenes that will perhaps bring a tear to your eye. We have all been rejected or told we were not enough, at some point in our lives, so there is something here each one of us can relate to.”

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Stubborn \'X Factor\' Contestant Can\'t Take No For An Answer