2-yr-old starts to sing. But pay attention to that harmonica in his hands! Amazing!

There are certain demographics that blues music appeal to. According to them, blues is a treasure you must revere, chart-topping music you either turn your up at or scrunch your nose like you smelled something. Would you have guessed that a two-year-old named Luca fit that profile?

Yes it’s true. The proof is here in this video. That was two years ago when Luca was listening to everything Elmore James. To Luca, there was no nickname cooler than The King of Slide Guitar. Luca was too young then to play the slide guitar but the harmonica was the next best thing. His favorite Elmore James song was Dust My Broom. He just could not get enough of the way Elmore howled and scowled through the song. He was also drawn to the song because he’d seen people use the broom to dust the floor, but how come no one dusts the broom?

This awesome video shows little Luca doing his best Elmore James impression to his father’s Dust My Broom instrumental guitar. What do you think? Wasn’t Luca born to sing the blues? Did you say “I’m not worthy” when Luca put the harmonica to his mouth?

Today, Luca is still wild about blues music. His father plans to get him a ukulele for Christmas, a special ukulele affixed with a harmonica holder so that Luca can practice the string instrument and the wind instrument at the same time! Way to go!