A dog who was chained up for 5 Years gives rescuers the best reaction they could get!

Many of the animal rescues that I have seen involve dogs who have been tied down or chained in someone’s yard. When the people who do this get confronted, they usually say something like their dog is sometimes aggressive and that’s their way of keeping him or her from hurting people. Most of the times, the dogs are found with no easy access to food or water.

In some of these cases, these poor pups are also left unprotected from the elements. With no roof over their head, snowy days can turn into something far more serious. Concerned neighbors are usually the ones who alert the authorities. I have even seen cases where neighbors go out of their ways to provide for a dog and keep him safe.

I remember a case of a man who had been going through some financial straits. He had adopted a dog sometime before but unfortunately lost his job and had limited income. His dog was not tied or chained, but the man was not always able to provide for his friend. Some neighbors got together, and they agreed to buy some dog food and give it to the man.

The man got sick soon after that and was not able to get out of bed. The dog’s situation began to get more complicated as the conditions he was kept in were not the most sanitary. The neighbors offered the man help but he would not accept it. Then, the neighbors urged the man to take his dog to a shelter, at least until he was in a better position to provide for him.

The man finally did surrender his dog and he sought medical attention for himself. The people at the shelter provided medical attention for the pup and found him a forever home. The man, in the end, was able to recover and get back on his feet. Neighbors like these are a real blessing when it comes to many pups who for many reasons find themselves in tight spots.

The story in the following video has a very happy ending. This dog had been kept in chains for 5 long years. When rescuers get to them, dogs are usually mentally broken as a result but that was not the case with this little guy. Check out the awesome response by this doggie, when he sees the rescuers!