Abandoned ‘shoebox baby’ adopted and years later, dedicates soulful ‘Imagine’ to his mum.

Let’s be honest. Not everyone can sing. But when the 17 year old walked on to the stage, he showed the judges what the competition was really all about and wowed their socks off! Born in war torn Iraq, Emmanuel and his brother were abandoned and found in a shoebox in a park. The babies were born with no hands and they were taken to an orphanage so that the children could get the necessary care and attention required.

As all orphans do, he waited patiently for the day when he would find his forever home. His prayers were answered when an Australian woman fell in love with the brothers. Refusing to leave the war torn country without the duo, she moved heaven and hell to get them to Australia so that they could get surgeries and other treatments. However, the love didn’t end and she decided to adopt them.

Emmanuel looks to his foster mum as his hero and savior, an angel who rescued him from the hell he was in. As he grew up, he realised he was born with disabilities, but he was also born with a gift. He revealed his special talent in the 2011 X-Factor auditions where he wowed everyone with his voice. Angelic and divine, he dedicated John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ to his mother. With tears streaming down the audience’s cheeks, he sang a moving rendition that catapulted him to fame. His moving story, with his angelic voice gives new meaning to the classic song ‘Imagine’, one that resonated with many people around the world.

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