This Adorable Baby Panda Sneaks Off During Naptime. Now Keep An Eye On His Angry Mother, Uh Oh! LOL!

When it comes to our children I think it goes without saying that they can be a handful. Don’t get us wrong, we love them dearly and would do anything for them, but sometimes we just want a little bit of a break.

From the moment we welcome them into the world we revolve our entire lives around them and what they want to do so we don’t think it’s asking too much when we just want a little bit of time for ourselves. I mean our entire being is based on keeping this little version of ourselves healthy and safe so every once in a while we want a little bit of breather.

Well that is exactly what this mama panda bear was feeling. One day, shortly after having her cub this mama bear, thinking her cub was asleep, settled in to a nice little snack of leaves. She is enjoying herself when all of a sudden the cub that she believed to be asleep stumbles in.

This mama bear did what any loving mother would do. She tries to get the baby to follow her back to its bed but when that doesn’t work she physically moves him there. I swear that all mothers, human or bear, can relate to this video. We get it mama, you just want a minute to eat your leaves in peace!

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