Adorable Husky Has The Most Adorable Reaction To Dad Telling Him To Go To His Kennel. Aww!

To be imprisoned or confined is an unsettling feeling. It’s not always easy to find those moments of when you should actually fight the power. Sometimes it can leave you overwhelmed and you lose out. You may fight valiantly for a long period of time, hoping to gain your freedom, but sometimes this can back fire on you. Even in these moments, it’s important to stay positive and do what you can to try and make the best of the situation. I know that there are many periods of my life that I have though “Fight!” only to lead to me returning to the rational, fairly sane human being I consider myself to be. There’s a way for us all to win and the injustices of the world to be put to bed.

It’s all about choosing your battles wisely. There are matters or times when it’s wise to accept that some things are going to be how they will be. But if recent things in America have taught me anything, it’s that when you start chanting “Fight!” it helps when there are others alongside you to make your voice heard by many. To accept defeat in this precious husky’s eyes is unacceptable. He will never accept that he must be confined. He will continue to fight and let the people know of his objects. When you hear the loud and clear “NO!” I’m sure you’ll be taken aback and amazed at the language gap this hound has hopped.

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