Amazing Golden Retrievers Help Out Mom With The Groceries

Here’s one trick you will definitely want to work on teaching your canine companion if for no other reason than to make your neighbors and your friends jealous. I wouldn’t have believed four dogs could do this if I hadn’t seen it myself in this video.

Any way you look at it, dogs really have earned their title as man’s best friend. Dogs protect us, love us, they comfort us when we’re feeling down, and from time to time, they can even be pretty helpful, too! While there’s no denying that our furry friends can surprise us with some pretty big messes when we’re not looking, it’s definitely possible to teach your dog to pick up some slack, or some grocery bags, around the house.

Whether your dog likes to help babysit the little ones or goes above and beyond the call of canine duty to help with the dishes like this well-trained German Shepherd, it’s always nice to have an extra pair of paws to help with chores. That’s why the pet parent in this next video is so lucky to have not one, but four dogs to come to her rescue when she’s in need of assistance. In the following video, which was posted to YouTube by Bianca Richter, we can see one lucky lady pull up outside her home as her four beautiful Golden Retrievers rush over to help with her groceries.

What happens next is just amazing. These well-trained pooches bring in everything from detergent to produce and it completely blew me away.

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