‘America’s Got Talent’ gets ME-WOWED by cat ladies

Cats can do anything! A collection of felines on ‘America’s Got Talent’ showed us just how true that is, by me-wowing viewers and judges alike with a spectacular acrobatics routine.

Of course, the judges were skeptical about the kitties’ skills when they walked onstage with their human mother and daughter. When Simon asked why train cats. Heidi Klum responded, “Yep, they do what they want, those cats!”

Now if you know anything about cats and you love them as much as we do, then you know you really can’t train a cat… they train you, right!? But all kidding aside, the only way you can accomplish the kinds of amazing tricks that these ladies pulled off is with total love, not forced correction. The proof is in how the cats react even in front of a room full of strangers. They trust and they love their human companions very much.

Of course, the judges got a bit impatient as judges often will (it makes them feel important I suppose, fidgeting back and forth. Must be hard work just sitting there, right…? I’m thinking already the cats are better behaved than the humans on the panel, but I digress.)

Alas, the beautiful kitties decided it was time to perform, and perform they did! They jumped through silver hoops with grace, rolled cylinders with great dexterity, and performed complicated aerodynamic maneuvers that would boggle most physicists today. The judges didn’t stand a chance. They could only watch in stunned amazement with silly looks on their faces.  Cats have that power.

Editor’s note: A very talented (and obviously highly intelligent) black kitten at first decided she would not perform for Simon. Of course, I can’t blame her. Black cats are very picky and are excellent judges of character. (Simon needs to work on that a bit, methinks. This cat was not one to hold it against Simon and graced him with her performance.
All in all and without exception, their audition was an outstanding success and the cats won everyone over. Our feline friends are in the next round and stand a good chance to win $1 million and a Vegas headlining!