These angels have a devil of a time saying their prayers

For people who ground their morality in religion, prayer is usually a very important part of their spiritual life. There seems to be something basically human about prayer: after all, it’s part of the beliefs and practices of a diverse group of world religions. Prayer can involve an entire religious congregation or be done by a single individual. Sometimes it’s quite informal but it can also be part of a highly elaborate ritual. Often a person who prays is asking a higher power to intercede on their own behalf or to help or protect someone else. It’s also possible for prayer to serve as a means of reinforcing beliefs rather than making a request; in a sense, prayer of this sort is a kind of meditation or contemplation.

One prayer heard from Christians from nearly all denominations is the “Lord’s Prayer,” also known as the “Our Father.” It’s a profession of faith and a request for sustenance, forgiveness of sins, and salvation derived from two of the Gospels, Matthew and Luke.

A toddler’s brain is like a sponge, absorbing all kinds of information from the world around them. In the video posted below, you’ll see that the adorable little twins Natalie and Nicole have already memorized the Lord’s Prayer. Their dad got the camera rolling and asked them to recite it. Natalie launches right into it but when they hear mom coming home, both become distracted. Dad, however, encourages them to get back to the task at hand. Now, Nicole seems more eager, perhaps because mom is now home. Both get impatient: Natalie speeds things up and finding that she can’t keep up, Nicole decides to just jibber-jabber her way through it!

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