Baby Elephant Got Washed Away From His Pack, And Now Watch Who Became His New Mom

A baby orphan elephant has finally found the home he deserves, in the hands of the expert animal activist Roxy Danckwerts, and she won’t leave her side now. Little Moyo is barely over a year old, and he follows his new human mother everywhere she goes. It’s known that elephants can develop deep bonds with humans just like they can with their elephant families, and this only intensifies if they meet their human while they are still very young.

The name of the sanctuary where they now reside in is Wild is Life, located in Harare, Zimbabwe, and Moyo has lived there since a little while after he was born. He has never known another home, so you can imagine how happy the elephant must be after growing up in such a magical environment with such concerned humans to take care of him.

When they found him, he was stranded alone, presumably after being carried away by a flooded river and separated from his elephant herd, and thanks to that miraculous coincidence, he now lives the happiest life he could have ever imagined. The cute little elephant is growing up very fast, and he is having a hard time getting used to growing up and doing the things he has always loved doing. You can see how he wrecks the whole place in the video below.

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