Adorable baby elephant plays in the rain for the first time

Cloudy skies roll in above a nature park in Thailand, and Wan Mai, the baby elephant, couldn’t be more delighted. The monsoon season has begun, and it is the first time for her to experience the rain.

She could feel the moisture in the air, her skin and long trunk wet from the downpour and filled with excitement. Around the area there are large wooden structures, they are shaped like umbrellas.

She and her family don’t stay under it for long. Wan Mai rushes out through the grass and quickly finds a puddle of water. With her trunk and feet, she kicks and hits the puddle.

Baby elephant plays in the rain

The ground is full of mud and Wan Mai dives straight for it. She rolls on the ground, getting her trunk and tail dirty and brown. Older elephants join her as well, they seem to enjoy her curiosity.

In the distance, the healthy trees drink in the rain. Their leaves are a rich green, full of life and water. The family of elephants continues to play, Wan Mai weaving through their legs and rubbing herself against them.

Water buffalos watch the group of elephants play in the mud, but they do not join them. Wan Mai can’t get enough of the wetness, even when the rain turns into a drizzle she continues to roll around in the grass.

At the Elephant Nature Park, it is a peaceful scene of wildlife and nature living together in total harmony.

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