Sassy Baby Goat Barges in on Sleeping Dog’s Peaceful Nap

Pharaoh the dog was relaxing when newborn baby Nigerian dwarf goat wanted to get on the other side. Not knowing whether to go around or crossover, he decides takes a shortcut!

There’s nothing worse than being woken up from a deep sleep by someone or something. It’s guaranteed to set you off in a grumpy mood as if you’ve literally gotten out of bed on the wrong side. Woe betide me if I ever wake my partner from her slumber – my life isn’t worth living. At least for a few minutes until she falls back asleep again and then drools on the pillow.

The tables turn when she wakes to go to work at the crack of dawn in the morning, and I’m convinced she deliberately turns on the coffee grinder just to spite me. Needless to say, it works every time, and I’m disturbed by sleepy-land in a fit of rage. Living under one roof is a constant battle!

So, I think we can all sympathize with this pup here, who is quite clearly out cold and thoroughly enjoying his naptime. He’s dreaming of big bones, chasing cars and belly scratches, when who should attempt to awaken him, but a baby goat! This kid isn’t taking no for an answer and not content with a gentle nuzzle towards his fluffy friend, decides instead that standing on him is the best course of action to take. If I was this deep in dreamland and my partner decided to stand on me, I’d be pretty peeved indeed!

Now, they do say that you should let sleeping dogs lie, and never a truer word was spoken. But this time, this adorable pup is so out of it that he doesn’t even stir. He’s got no knowledge whatsoever that a baby goat is clambering all over him, trying to get him to wake up and play. He’s either been totally tired out by his energetic friend, or that must be some dream he’s having!

Pharaoh is a Komondor which is also known as a Hungarian Sheepdog. He is giving zero cares in the world as the little Nigerian Dwarf goat is trying to get his attention. And I’m clearly not alone in how I feel when it comes to a certain someone disturbing my slumber. “I feel like that sometimes but with my husband,” said one fan. I know how you feel buddy!

All joking aside, don’t miss this adorable video of these two unlikely friends. Whether they remain friends when the goat eventually wakes Pharaoh up remains to be seen, but they’re delightfully cute anyway!

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Sassy Baby Goat Barges in on Sleeping Dog’s Peaceful Nap