A Baby ‘Talks’ To Her Beautiful Husky, And The Pup Replies Back! Watch Their Adorable Conversation.

We of course love every breed of dog that there is on Earth, in this page. We love to share videos of every kind of dog, small or big, furry or with very short hair, and of every color and shape that you can find. But I personally found it fascinating to see the verbal ability that Husky dogs can have. It’s frankly impressive to see these dogs verbalizing and imitating the sounds that they hear from humans, and we’ve shown you videos of this amazing ability here. But this video is quite a special case, because it features a dog trying to converse with a little baby!

Huskies and babies are a bombastic combination. These dogs, for one, are as wolf-like as they are playful and silly, and they can vocalize and imitate human voices with ease. And babies love to imitate whatever the adults around him do, even if they don’t understand it. So when they two interact, it’s a real laughter bomb!

Lexi, the little girl in the video here, is trying to “talk” to her dog, a beautiful husky doggy named Angel. They both have a full conversation going on together, and they look just like big humans talking to each other!

Watch them for yourself right below!

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