Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Is Abruptly Stopped by Groom for A Beautiful Reason

This video shows us the moment the groom stops his own wedding ceremony to kneel down and talk to his soon-to-be stepdaughter. He needed her to know how much he loved her and her mother. If you cry at just the thought of weddings, you won’t be able to hold back for this one.

When marrying someone with a child, you are also becoming another parent to that child. It is important for the child to feel comfortable and welcomed by you, and hopefully, that translates into a mutual love for one another.


What this man did was amazing. He got down on one knee and gave his wedding vows to his new stepdaughter, promising to love her and treat her as his own. To cap it all off, he gave her a real diamond necklace for her to wear – what a sweet gesture!

He surprises the audience with his thoughtful gift when he presents his stepdaughter with a diamond necklace in the shape of a heart so that she always has a piece of his heart with her. ‘I think your mom might be jealous too!’ he told the angelic girl.

This man is definitely a keeper, not afraid to show his love to his family. This emotional video is guaranteed to leave you speechless, and maybe sniffling a little too. What an amazing moment that witnessed by family and friends alike – a treasured memory, indeed.