A bird owner taps on a drum, then his feathered friend puts on a hilarious show

Move over Ringo Starr, look out Dave Grohl, step aside Charlie Watts, there is a new drummer in town, and he is going for the mantle of the world’s best. Mr. Inko, a name you may have never heard before, has become the most watched drummer on the net. But, who is this mysterious drummer you ask?

Now Mr. Inko doesn’t have the training that Gene Krupa had, or the ego of Ginger Baker, but he certainly has a natural talent for keeping the beat. Mr. Inko hails from Japan, he is not with any well-known bands at the moment, and does not have a manager to get that illusive recording contract, but what he does have is a natural ability to get into, and keep any rhythm he hears.

Let me fill you in a little more about our hero, Mr. Inko. He stands at about 4 inches tall, but don’t let his height fool you. He has a beautiful crest on his head, and his beak can certainly belt out a tune or two.

Are you getting the picture yet? You see, Mr. Inko is a Japanese Cockatiel with a passion for percussion. All it takes is for Mr. Inko’s owner to start playing his miniature drum to get this talented talon talker to tap to the beat like a pro.

He starts off slowly, then increases the tempo to a tumultuous pace until he almost passes out. No…….not really, but he does keep a good beat, and obviously enjoys himself as he taps away with his owner, swaying to the rhythms heart beat with the timing that only birds seem to have, Mother Nature’s gift to birdkind.

We all know that birds can sing, some can even talk, but how many of our feathered friends do you know that can play the drums. I was always a big fan of the band “The Byrds” and I know Alfred Hitchcock has a thing for them as well, but Mr. Inko is certainly a one-of-a-kind Ave, with an enormous musical gift.

There are many artists out there that could use Mr. Inko, perhaps “A Flock of Seagulls” need a new drummer. “The Eagles” maybe or what about “Hawkwind? I think I heard that “Little Birdy” were looking for someone. I am sure once a management company sees this very funny video, there will be contract coming through the mail in droves.

Hm, I wonder if Mr. Inko has an agent yet. Sorry, I have to go……..I have some important phone calls to make……… I wonder what percentage Mr. Inko wants………

Click the link below, and be amazed at the natural talent this little bird has, his natural abilities will leave you in stitches.