Born without arms or legs, he’s a motivational speaker… and a farmer!

Farming is a lot of work, and even after more than a century of mechanization, plenty of that work is still very much physical. Chris Koch might be the hardest working farmer out there, because (not despite) of the fact that he was born without arms or legs. His grit and determination have made him a source of inspiration. In fact, he now has a second job as a motivational speaker.

Chris was born perfectly healthy, except for the missing arms and legs. When his grandmother heard the news, she took the opportunity to crack a joke at her son Bruce’s expense: “Bruce never did finish anything he started.” As you’ll see, Chris seems to have inherited her sense of humor.

That sense of humor has stood Chris in good stead whenever life has presented him with challenges. “It takes me upwards of 400% more energy to do everyday tasks than somebody with arms and legs.” He grew up on his family’s farm in Alberta and has always wanted to be a professional farmer. Chris has an independent streak and there’s also a stubborn side to his personality: he’s never wanted to wear prosthetic limbs, even when he was going to school. His family seems to have understood his attitude “Talking to my dad, I asked him, ‘What did you do differently with me than you would’ve with any other kid?’ and he said, ‘Nothing.'”

“When I tell people that I’m a farmer, I’m pretty sure people are like, ‘Yeah, right!'” But as you’ll see in the video posted below, Chris is in fact an accomplished farmer. He can pitch hay, drive a tractor, and much more.

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