She Burst Into Tears In A Stable On Christmas Day. Why? This Is The BEST Surprise Ever!

If you’ve ever ridden a horse, you know the bond that comes with the territory. Sure, you can train a dog to do tricks, but you don’t ever trust a dog to respond to the slightest tug of the reins while you gallop together full speed ahead! This requires such a great deal of trust!

If you haven’t ever been around a horse, it’s very difficult to explain what it’s like to meet one of these animals. They’re so full of power, but they’re also gentle giants, and I’m not kidding about the giant part. When you stand next to a horse for the first time, you gain a whole new level of respect for these huge, graceful creatures based on their size alone.

This little girl clearly has a very deep connection to these amazing animals. When her parents take her down to the stables on Christmas, she thinks that it’s just a fun holiday activity to say hello to the horses, and maybe give their coats a quick brush.

But when she opens a stall to meet a very beautiful dark brown horse named Annie, the horse is wearing a shiny red bow on her blanket. Then, her parents tell her to open a card she hadn’t seen on the stable door. “I’m guessing it’s a gift card,” she confidently says right before Annie tries to nibble at its corners. She opens it and reads in silence, but at 1:00, I was reaching for the Kleenex!

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