If you’re married, you’re going to laugh at Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett, husband and wife!

Attention, Carol Burnett Show fans, have we got a howler for you. If you loved watching TV in the 1970s, you already know about this zany and inventive variety show we can’t get enough of. It’s timeless comedy at its best.

This sketch is too funny. “Bedtime Honesty” has such a crazy premise you’ll be rolling in the floor laughing. Carol’s insecurity about her body isn’t your typical moment of insecurity that any man or woman in a relationship might have by a longshot.

In what seems like a scene from a Frankenstein or alien abduction movie, Carol’s problem is that she has developed two perfect lines carved vertically down either side of her body. She confesses to husband Harvey about them but refuses to give an explanation, leaving him completely flummoxed.

Then things start to go the way they always do when couples get into a little argument and we can’t stop laughing.  And things only get more hilariously laugh out loud from there.

“How delicious was Harvey Korman’s voice?” asked one commenting fan.  “What an actor. He could play any character, any emotion. And his comedic skill and timing were second to none. Really miss him.”

“I watch all of the episodes whenever I can,” commented a new young fan of this timeless show.  “I am 12 years old and this is by far the greatest show! You are awesome!!!”

Did you know that when the series started, Carol was looking high and low for someone like Harvey Korman to compete with the real thing?  Unfortunately for her, he was working for the competition, aka The Danny Kaye Show.

As the story goes, Carol went in person to corner Harvey and try to convince him to leave Kaye and join her cast.  It turns out she didn’t have to twist his arm. He explained that Kaye’s series was on the verge of being canceled, so he was happy to be offered a new gig. The rest is comedy history.

With that bit of TV history for my fellow history nerds, let’s get ready to laugh with Carol and Harvey in one of their funniest sketches ever: